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2018 Warmth From The Heart Furnace Give Away

Entries must be submitted by Friday January 26th, 2018 at midnight!

Nominations are now closed.

The Warmth From the Heart Foundation gives charitably to families in the greater Pekin/Peoria area. Our goal is to outfit the homes of the neediest families in the area with a new furnace. Homes with faulty or otherwise dangerous heating systems pose serious health risks and could even prove fatal if not replaced.

The Warmth From The Heart Foundation has developed an exciting program to meet this desperate need. Members of the community can nominate a needy family for the gift of a safe and efficient heating system. Warmth From The Heart Foundation has applied with the state of Illinois for a non-profit status. The needs of the community are of utmost importance to Warmth From The Heart Foundation and we strive to achieve the goal of safe heating systems in the homes of every family in the are and eventually the country. Every journey starts with a single step and ours started in 2001 with a single furnace give-away, but the need continues to grow. We have organized to inform our friends and neighbors of the serious dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and other indoor air quality concerns. These potentially life threatening issues are ever present in communities across the country and the world. Warmth From The Heart Foundation is pioneering the next level of helping our most needy local citizens and their families stay safe and warm this winter.


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