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Water Softeners

Trouble-Free Plumbing is proud to offer you water softeners by Sterling.

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Sterling offers various types of residential water softeners, which include: non-electric, mechanical time clock, mechanical meter initiated, electronic meter, and twin tank alternating systems.

IM Series

IM Series water softeners from Sterling bring system performance and ease of service to a new level.IM-Series-1

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OXY3™ Series — Iron Reduction System

Housetron Water Softener Alternative

With water softeners being banned around the country as a result of their damaging effects on the environment, Fluid Dynamics offers its’ environmentally friendly and easy to install water softener alternative. With over 400,000 units installed world-wide the Housetron prevents scale build up and hard water stains when installed on new systems and gradually removes scale from previously untreated older systems ( this process is gradual and it may take up to several months to de-scale a previously untreated system ).  The Housetron is a proven water softener alternative.


Housetron with cut away showing its catalytic core

How it Works

Water is subjected to a turbulent interaction as it passes over a catalytic core made of a special alloy. This causes a catalytic conversion to take place. Calcium carbonate is placed into suspension in an Aragonite state that cannot deposit as a scale.

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