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Grohe FaucetsTroubelfree Plumbing is proud to offer you faucets by Grohe.

GROHE has a long history and reputation for "craftsman-caliber" manufacturing... a reputation maintained today through ultra-modern robotic production techniques that are combined with time-honored hand crafting skills to insure consistent quality at each stage of the manufacturing process. Solid cast brass fabrication... long lasting PVD finishes... engineering to incredibly close tolerances... life testing and 35 quality assurance checks... GROHE has set the standard to which all others are compared.


Grohe Bathroom FaucetsLuxury bathroom faucets from GROHE. Perhaps the most important element in every bathroom is the one that receives the most attention. GROHE has invested much of its innovative talent in designing the perfect bathroom faucets. From tub to sink, GROHE carries every style from traditional to modern in a variety of finishes. Its large selection, beautiful design, and state-of-the-art technology have made GROHE fixtures market leader in Europe and principal exporter of bathroom faucets in the world, shipping to over 180 countries.

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Grohe Kitchen FaucetsBringing Design, long-term reliability and Professional Performance to your kitchen. We realize that your kitchen faucet is the hardest-working piece of equipment in your kitchen. A professional grade faucet is the key to successful kitchen planning or kitchen renovation. It is a small thing that makes a big difference. Our kitchen fixtures combine design and quality with superior technology to allow you to concentrate on the most important thing in your kitchen the food!

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