TroubleFree Carbon Monoxide Information

Did you know that the safe amount of carbon monoxide is 9 parts per million and that most carbon monoxide detectors don't sound an alarm until the carbon monoxide reaches between 35 to 50 parts per million?

This means that by time the alarm is sounded, it could be to late.

Getting your furnace, flue and chimney inspected is more important than you may believe. When the air that the furnace burns doesn't burn correctly, deadly carbon monoxide gas is produced. When this happens it can leak from your furnace, flue or chimney into the air and pose serious health risks and even death. Having you furnace inspected for crack and leaks is a huge step in preventing carbon monoxide. But that isn't enough. By having the flue and chiney inspected for leaks, you make sure that carbon monoxide isn't being leaked in your house by your furnace.

Eventhough your furnace is the biggest producer of carbon monoxide, you may still be getting it from other sources such as: un-vented stoves, un-vented space heaters, wood burning fre places, water heaters and gas clothes dryers.

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